Electric, Software & Mechanic

Implementation, installation, putting into operation, testing, and maintenance of automatic machines and automated systems..

MC Electric Automation is a trading company with 100% Romanian and Italian private capital, specialized in industrial automation and the design and execution of private and industrial electrical installations. Our vast experience and continuously updated expertise lays at the core of providing quality electric services for automatic machines.

We meet market requirements and clients’ needs properly due to an organized structure and a young team with expertise in both electrical and mechanical fields of work.

Our Mission

MG Electric Automation’s experience in this field was acquired in various sectors, such as automatic food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals packaging machines, automatic grinding machines, industrial robots, and automated systems in general.

Our Vision

Our vision is that of a company where the entire team has a sole purpose: maintaining a close collaboration with clients and providing clear-cut services in order to establish themselves as a trustworthy partner in the field of automation.

IEMA member

MG Electric Automation is part of IEMA, a large industrial group consisting of nine companies serving industry; a large array of products and services in the field of industrial automation offering the possibility for the market to work with a single interlocutor through a complete and highly specialized service.

The structure and organization of the company enables them to provide a full-service package for automated systems and machine manufacturers.


Our organizational structure has evolved over time to provide more efficient installation operations, support, and maintenance at clients’ location all around the world.

On site interventions

The MG Electric team is based on young but experienced operators, ensuring the competence, dynamism, and flair necessary for innovation to happen.

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Outcome warranty

We guarantee the quality of our services, according to prior specified conditions, offering at the same time constant after-sales support to maintain business continuity.