Implementation, installation, putting into operation, testing, and maintenance of automatic machines and automated systems.

We handle implementation, installation, putting into operation, testing, and maintenance of automatic machines and automated systems for both manufactures and final clients. Our competences and acquired experience guarantee the quality of our services.

Mechanical assembly of machines and groups

We establish a close connection between the client and the technician in charge, as to fully understand the needs and requirements for an optimal implementation of the project.

Based on drawings provided by the client, our technicians start the process of parts assembly: the automatic machine is put into operation and meets the requirements, followed by the conduction of specific tests to ensure its integrity and correct functioning.

Power wiring

We never take lightly the process of assembling electrical panels and their components, to guarantee the success of the electrical system.

Design, development, and wiring are done with reliability and the highest quality standards in mind, in accordance with international regulations. Phases of assembly and wiring go through a continuous optimization and automation process.

Software installation

We develop all types of projects, from implementation and Track & Trace, to software designing of the machine, supplemented by full automated power systems documentation.

We implement software systems for industrial environments, automatic machines, and automated manufacturing systems. We manage every aspect of software implementation, along with the installation of systems for planning and control of manufacturing processes.


To reduce the time of the final installation process, the MG Electric technicians conduct a preliminary test on the premises of the manufacturer, using state-of-the-art management technologies together with the ability to manage workflow in a flexible and organized manner.

As a practice, testing on the premises of the client is conducted by the same technician in charge with preliminary testing, the installation time being reduced even more.

Outcome warranty

We posses the skills and vision necessary to successfully combine technology and business solutions. We bring added value to the table, at minimum cost, this being the reason our personnel are extremely well-prepared, constantly improving and keeping up to speed with technological and regulatory innovations in our work field.

Automation adds to the quality level of products and boosts process productivity, with a corresponding reduction in the cost of human resources.